Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Professional Artist

I worked long and hard on the decorations for the house.  I knew my parents could not afford any this fall with my sister being in the hospital as much as she had been in the last few months.  I knew fall was my mother’s favorite season and had always loved decorating the house.  Construction paper was always my favorite mode of decoration because it was one of the cheapest art supplies I could get.  I knew my mother couldn’t afford much right now, but I wanted to make the house as cheery as possible since she worked two jobs minimum.  Oftentimes three jobs was the regular.   

I planned to start babysitting when I got to middle school and sometimes thought about starting my own Babysitter’s Club like the books I had devoured in the last year.  I could be a regular Kristy and help my mom out with buying some of the smaller things.  I also needed a way to buy more art supplies and something other than construction paper.  I hadn’t told my parents yet, but I wanted to be a professional artist when I grew up.  My construction paper decorations were getting more elaborate as the years went on, but I wanted to try other things.  Paint, clay, watercolors, mixed media, sculpture.  Everything.  I would not be satisfied until I could do everything and anything I wanted.  I had big dreams of what I would accomplish.  All my dreams ended the day my sister died. 

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