Sneaking Out

I knew my father had been in my room as soon as I opened the door.  His cologne still hung in the air so I knew he had left the room not long before I got home.  He was probably looking for the weed and alcohol I kept hidden in my closet, but I knew he would never find it.   Our father was strict and conservative and rarely let me leave the house after 9 PM.  If my curfew was extended until 10 PM, I was ecstatic.  What my father didn’t know was how I often went out the window to meet my friends when I knew he was asleep. 

The fact he had been in my room meant that he was keeping an eye on me.  He did this every once in a while when he would come around more often to see what rules I was breaking.  My father went back and forth between thinking I followed all his rules and being suspicious of me every waking moment.  I had left through the window the night before to go to a party that had eventually been shut down by the police.  He was probably looking for clues I had been there and not safely in bed.  I should stay home for a few nights because I know he’ll be checking.  What I wasn’t planning for was my boyfriend sneaking in two nights later.  The only night that week my father happened to check in on me.  


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