Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories


I had always wanted to get pregnant.  To be a mother.  I already had names picked out for my future children and a detailed plan of how I would decorate the nursery.  I had a Google Drive and Amazon wish lists set for all the items I wanted to buy to decorate.  And oh the books I would buy!  My book list was an entirely different story – it was probably the most out of control part of me wanting to have children.  I had been keeping a motherhood scrapbook since I was in elementary school.  Or was it a baby scrapbook?  Or a pregnancy scrapbook?  I didn’t know anymore. 

I met Kevin at a party during my first semester of college.  We started talking on a regular basis shortly after and were dating by Christmas.  He later told me that it was love at first sight for him and I kept it to myself that I hadn’t immediately felt the same way.  Toward the end of our second year of college we were tentatively making plans to move into an apartment together for at least the summer and longer if we still liked each other.  I had a sneaking suspicion we were still dating because I had not told him my strong desire for having multiple kids as soon as I could.  I was afraid I was going to scare him off.  Everything changed the day I came home and found him looking through my scrapbooks.  He was horrified. 

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