Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Big Dreams

Growing up, I never really thought electricity was necessary.  Probably because most of the time, my parents struggled to pay the bills and we often had ‘campouts’ in the living room where we could use all the blankets and pillows to build forts to sleep in.  I always thought it was all in good fun, but realized later it was more of my parents trying to make light of what was probably a stressful situation for them.   

As a teen, I often held two – sometimes three – jobs during the summer to help my parents with food, bills and if I wanted any new (thrift store) clothes, I had to pay for them myself.  Every once in a while, I saw my friends buying new video games and spending their weekends by the pool and I wished I had that life.  But I was also determined to save as much money as I could now so I could have more fun later.  I had big plans of travelling to Scotland when I graduated college and to (hopefully) end up in Europe for grad school.  I was so close, I could almost taste it.   

Until my boss called me into his office for a meeting.  When I left, I was dazed.  I had finally got the promotion I was hoping for. But it meant I could not go on my long-awaited Scottish vacation.  I knew just what to do and how to turn the power off to slow down time and promotions. 

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