The Mistake

I knew the party was a mistake before we even arrived.  The mistake was the simple fact Jacob was going to be there.  I never knew what Melissa saw in him or that three years later, she had still not gotten over him.  I’m not sure what it was going to take to pull her away from him.  He had cheated on her multiple times with multiple women, but somehow she had always come back to him.  I could never get Melissa to tell me what he said to convince her to come back, but she knew that he was the one for her and always would be. 

Everything exploded that night at the party.  The entire scene started in the backyard when the two of them were alone.  I was instantly suspicious of what was said and done as no one was there to overhear and Jacob came back in first claiming she had broken his nose for no reason.  Melissa’s ripped shirt, missing buttons and bloody lip told me a different story.  Knowing their history together and knowing Melissa’s reluctance to tell me what had transpired in the backyard only told me that she was too embarrassed or even scared to let me know what happened.  She knew about my severe dislike for Jacob in general, but especially their relationship.  I was looking forward to make my move: either they had to end or he had to end.   


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