Growing up, I never thought I would be successful.  My parents managed to tell me just about every day that I would be a failure.  That I would end up just like my sister, pregnant at 16 and still without a GED.  Four years and two kids later, she’s still hanging around on the edge of the family.  No one is very sure of who the father is of her newborn and she won’t tell.  I have to keep it close to my heart that I see her on a semi-regular basis.  My parents have forbidden me to even speak to her or even about her.  They don’t know I see her at the end of every week and give her my lunch money.  I take my lunch to school most days and give her whatever is left over at the end of the week.   

That way she at least has some money to feed her three kids.  I think the first two have the same father, but I’m not entirely sure.  Could he also be the father of Miranda as well?  Possible, but not probably.  Either way, he was not really in the picture.  I am not sure how she is paying for the tiny one room apartment she is living in, but I assume there is some sort of agreement with Troy that he will at least pay for rent and some portion of healthcare for the kids.  I never knew how she paid for groceries, until yesterday. 


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