Moving to the City

Growing up, Sarah knew she wanted to live in New York City.  She scoured the internet for apartments, for jobs, for restaurants.  She knew exactly where she would shop and eat and how she would live her new life in a big city.  She was tired of the small town life.  Tired of wide open skies.  Tired of everyone knowing her name and knowing her business.  And she was definitely tired of smelling like manure.  She had shoveled enough manure to last her a lifetime.  Sarah pinched and saved all her middle and high school babysitting money and finally splurged on a plane ticket and hotel room to visit New York City during Spring Break her senior year of Sulphur High School.  Those four days in New York City were the best four days of her life. 

She started on her meticulous list of restaurants, apartments and grocery stores she knew she would frequent once she moved.  Now that she was here, Sarah had never felt more lonely.  She was finally surrounded by more people than animals and she had never felt less human connection.  Why had she thought this was a good idea?  Forget being ‘brave’, all she wanted to do was take a deep breath of fresh air and feed the chickens and cows.  She was tired of the relentless assault the city had on her senses.  She was done, bone tired, and didn’t know how to make it stop.  Until she did. 


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