By the time I stepped outside, the leaves were on fire.  I almost screamed with excitement.  They were the most exotic red, yellow and orange colors I had ever seen.  The fact I had been cooped up in my house for the last six months probably enhanced my fascination with the changing colors.  The last time I had been let outside had been in March where remnants of winter were still hanging around.  My brother was the jealous sort and now I knew how controlling he could be.  I was hoping I could keep the rest of my secrets to myself and would be able to finally disappear. 

Getting out from underneath my older brother’s prying eye would be the problem.  Somewhere along the way, he is determined that he has found God.  Though it is unlike any God I have ever seen or heard of.  One that is unforgiving as well as uncompromising.  One that watches every move and does not allow for any mistakes.  One that asks questions, but does not give any answers or explanations.   

My opportunity to escape was quickly approaching and I knew I only had one chance.  One chance for the rest of my life.  I was ready to spend the rest of my life as Jessica Harder – a woman who didn’t technically exist until two weeks ago.  Jessica Harder is my only chance to escape the suffering and pain that has been inflicted since my brother killed my parents for their ‘intolerance’. 


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