Graveyard Shift

The first time Paul brought it up, I was skeptical.  Spend the night in a graveyard?  My bed is far too comfortable to want to spend a night on a hard ground.  In the cold.  But Paul brought it up again.  And again.  And again.  Finally, after hearing about it for what seemed like weeks, I asked him about his obsession was with spending the night in the graveyard.  He finally told me wanted to know what spirits and ghosts really do when the sun goes down.  All I could do was stare at him with my mouth hanging open. 

It will be exciting, he said.  We will learn something new, he said.  I didn’t believe anything he said, but at this point, I was too intrigued by the fact he wanted to spend the night in the graveyard to say no.  I also wanted to know about these so called spirits and ghosts he has been talking obsessively about.  I enjoyed a scary story every now and again, but have never once believed in spirits or ghosts much less thought they would come visit me at any point in my life.  But to the graveyard I went because my curiosity was too peaked not to.  Only then did I realize why Paul felt so comfortable in a graveyard.  His obvious enthusiasm about spending the night was because he would finally fit in.  And maybe he could finally find his way back to the other side. 


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