The Ghost

My first Halloween as a ghost was a full range of emotions – I went from despair to happiness to anger repeatedly and quickly.  I never knew which emotion would show up next and never knew to what extreme I would feel.  I had been very alive and fairly happy up until the moment I wasn’t.  My parents weren’t the greatest.  I wouldn’t even call them good parents.  The neglect I suffered at their hands was severe, but it also led me to the library and to the school art lab on a regular basis because there was never anyone at home.  As my strength and confidence in myself grew so did my parents neglect.  I think they resented the fact I was becoming less dependent on them and upped their game considerably in that regard.   

Everything seemed to be going well as I neared my first few days of high school.  I knew a few people who were going to be starting at the same school and knew a few of the teachers who were moving from the middle school to the high school.  I think most people were surprised I had even made it to high school without dropping out or at least not having a baby or two already.  Which is probably why no one was surprised by my death.  The death brought on by my parents negligence over leaving the gas on and lighting their cigarettes. The rumor is the blast could be heard all across town. 


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