Halloween Town

As night became day, he started to understand the truth. He knew nothing could go back to how things were.  never again could he be happy and care free Halloween had always been his favorite holiday growing up, partially because his parents had always been against it.  Told him it was such a ‘dark’ holiday. That it should not be celebrated.  He actually really loved all the skulls and cemeteries that popped up in yards round his house.  he would make up excuses to ride his bike after school just to see the new decorations.  He checked out all the books about Halloween and scary stories from the school library and left them in his desk so his parents would never know.  That librarian saved his life. 

Other than his teacher, no one knew his secret Halloween passions and how his parents would react if they knew.  It was like the two of them conspired to keep him in the know with various resources, but would never call home about what his parents thought would be his downfall.  But now he knew he would never love Halloween again.  It all happened on Tuesday on his daily bike ride to the ‘park’.  It was the first time he had ever seen a dead body.  Now he knew what his parents were talking about and he now knew the deadly risk his teacher and librarian had taken for him.  And he couldn’t stop screaming. 


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