Boarding School

They are sending me away.  Again.  The last time didn’t go so well so I don’t know why my mother and father think all my problems will be solved by another round of boarding school.  I think they just want to get me out of the way so they can go on vacations to Europe without me and not feel guilty.  And cast it off by telling their friends I am attending the most prestigious boarding school in New York.  AKA show off their wealth.  And try to forget about my twin sister’s suicide.  Looking at me just remind them of her.

They just never think to ask me how I was dealing. They went to parties and took vacations to deal.  I got pushed aside and forgotten.  Weird think was, I was the golden child when my sister was alive and nothing now that she is gone.  Gone are the days I was praised for sports, good grades, art projects, while my sister broke all the rules and got arrested twice.  Now that she’s gone, I might as well be too.

By this time next week, things will be different.  They don’t know my plan.  I don’t even know most of my plan.  I just know I will have it all and everything about my life will be different.  They won’t even know what has happened.  Or why their plane has crashed.


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