One of the big reasons behind my moving to Santa Fe (other than not being happy at all with my job in Oklahoma City) was the possibility of going skiing as much as I wanted. And the nice thing about living only 30-35 minutes from the Santa Fe Ski Area is that I really can go whenever I want. Buying a season pass has turned out better than I expected because I no longer feel like I have to spend my entire day skiing. This past weekend (Sunday and Monday are my days off from work) I went skiing both days, but only for about 2.5-3 hours and felt fine about not being at the ski slopes for the entire day. When I get tired, hungry, cold, whatever, I can leave and feel great about my decision. 

This was also my first time using the GoPro I ordered! I had been thinking about getting more into videos and such and thought a GoPro would be interesting to see what it was like when I go skiing, hiking and probably trail running. So if this works, I’m going to try and attach a clip of one of the videos from Sunday afternoon… 

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